Friday, August 23, 2013

Waiting . . .

You've been teaching me this for a long while now.
I've listened.  I've tried to be obedient.  But if I'm being honest, Lord, all I could hear was "wait" or "not now."  The waiting is frustrating.  Wait--for what?  Wait--for how long?
Then I read Psalm 130:5
I wait for the Lord, my soul waits, and in His Word I hope.
What a difference.
I can almost hear the deep sigh on Your end.  I wonder if you say things like, "It sure took her long enough" or if You roll Your heavenly eyes.  But then, I also glimpse Your smile.
I like this--exchanging words and looks like old friends.  I was thirsty and You said, 
Ironically, You were the One waiting.  Thank You for not giving up on me.  

In His Word I hope.
Hope in Scripture =the strong and confident expectation which comes through trust in You.

No doubt I missed a few but I counted how often Your Word instructs us to "Wait for the Lord". 
It would seem that I am in good company with countless others learning the value of waiting.  My favorite is John, the author of Revelation, enduring suffering as a prisoner on the island of Patmos because he has been spreading the word about Jesus.
 "John could have spent his time pacing that barren beach but he didn't.  Could have been feeling  bitter about what "they" did to him, scanning the horizon every moment for a rescuer.  Quieted under the hand of God, into a position of trust and receptivity, John received the most fabulous revelation of Jesus Christ and His future that any man had ever received.
Settle down.  Look up."
         ~~You Don't Have to Quit, by Anne and Ray Ortlund

I think I will make that this weeks' prayer.
"Settle down.  Look up."  

And so, my soul will wait on You.  With confident expectation.  Trusting in You.

You are everything you've promised
Your faithfulness is true
And we're desperate for your presence
All we need is you

   Waiting Here for You~Christy Nockels 

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